Standard Wire Rope Isolators are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars that are mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation. With their corrosion resistant, all-metal
construction, Enidine Wire Rope Isolators are environmentally stable, high-performance shock and vibration isolators that are unaffected by temperature extremes, chemicals, oils, ozone and abrasives.
Featuring a crimping pattern, versatile mounting options and a variety of sizes, these helical isolator products may help ensure that your systems can effectively meet performance requirements in Commercial, Industrial, and
Defense industries, and are capable of MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-167, MIL-S-901D, MIL-E-5400, STANAG-042, BV43-44 and DEF-STND 0755. For more information, please refer to our “Wire Rope

Wire Rope and HERM Applications:
• Pump, Generator & Compressor Isolation
• Shipping Cases, Skids & Containers
• Chemical Processing Equipment
• Carts, Transporters & Gurneys
• Chimneys, Scrubbers & Vessels
• Power Plant Piping Suspension
• Over-the-road Transport
• Navigation Equipment
• Transportable Shelters
• Electronic Cabinets
• Seismic Isolation

Compact Rope Applications:
• Sensitive Electronic Equipment
• Hard Drives / CD-ROM Drives
• Communications Packages
• Audio/Visual Equipment
• Electronics Production
• Security Cameras
• Medical Devices
• Catering Carts